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    Aspara KLM0001 8 capsule seed kit - Mixed Lettuce

    Manufacturer: Aspara
    Aspara 8 capsule seed kit - Mixed Lettuce
    SKU: KLM0001
    Manufacturer part number: KLM0001
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    Mixed lettuce combines 5 most popular lettuce into one. It is very pretty with nice range of colors and leaf shapes.

    Lettuce is an easy and fast-growing vegetable for beginners. It can be served as salad in Western recipes or cooked in Asian recipes.

    ​​Includes nutrient packages

    Type: Lettuce

    Sprout: 2-7 days

    Harvest: 28 days

    Seed from: USA / Canada / Netherlands

    Nutritional Benefits:

    Lettuce contains various nutrients that benefit to our health. It has rich antioxidants, fiber and cellulose which slow down aging process and is a good food for diet and weight loss. It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids which maintains cardiovascular health and lowers cholesterol level.


    100% Germination Guarantee